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Financial Applications

Otex provides financial application which is responsible for ..


IT infrastructure composite hardware, software, network ..

Cloud Computing

cloud computing is to apply traditional supercomputing ..


Otex Technology Limited is providing of expert knowledge..

Health Care

We support healthcare organizations through smarter

OutSourcing Services

Otex Application Outsourcing services that help you create more

Industries We Works

Otex Builds Value For Clients through our deep Industry Expertise in a broad range of Industries value direct has a depth of Experience across the Following Industry Sectors

Banking & Financial Servicess,Utilities

With a wealth of experience partnering the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, and a comprehensive range of services and solutions, Otex is the simple solution provides you optimized investments.


Insurance and Capital Market

Otex Insurance Capital Markets practice consists of corporate lawyers who represent both issuers and underwriters in a wide variety of debt and equity offerings

Education , Media and Publishing

Public consumption of physical and digital content and media has changed, bringing with it a host of challenges and opportunities. We work with media and entertainment companies to adapt to these trends today.


Consumer Goods,Retail & Manufacturing

Retail customers are connected, know where to find the best prices and are much better informed today. Retailers need in-store and digital solutions to manage the complete journey of these highly-informed customers of today .


Travel & Hospitality

Now a day’s people are looking for ways to optimize their business travel/Family Tours expenditures. Otex offer travel policy with a preferred hotel program or Otex Improve your automotive engineering capabilities with engineering solutions and services spanning the entire automotive development lifecycle.


Otex is in the Logistics industry brings a holistic approach to managing Asset tracking and Visibility and the support systems that will allow continued and accelerated operational and overall performance improvements.

Communication Engineering & Media

Accelerate innovation and stay ahead of the curve with Otex communication Development and Sustenance Engineering Services and Solutions. Otex has tremendous experience in the Communication industry.

Healthcare & Medical Devices

Otex Healthcare is an aggregation and integration of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care.


Bringing deep cross-sector experience to your most complicated challenges, Deloitte Aerospace and Defence industry professionals have demonstrated insight extending to aerospace, commercial aircraft, business and general aviation and defence.


Life Science & Pharmaceutical

The Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry is battling patent cliffs, falling R&D productivity, increased regulations, cost pressures, price-sensitive markets and industry consolidation.

Goverment & Automotive

Citizens across the world expect their governments to connect more closely with them and provide easy access to information and public services. This has led to the increasing adoption of e-Governance initiatives aimed at closer contact with citizens, simplifying the management of resources, boosting the quality of services, lowering costs, improving productivity and increasing transparency.


Natural Resources and Energy

In a dynamic global economy, the natural resources & energy industry must constantly strive to overcome the challenges of low productivity, high logistics costs, continuous monitoring of assets, and an inefficient supply chain.


Why Otex

On Time Deliver

On Time Delivery is available 24/7 to meet your unique on-demand and scheduled delivery needs. Our professional and friendly customer service will ensure your desire product are delivered reliability to their destination. Otex run with the vision of becoming an industry leader in providing reliable, time-bound solutions to its customers.

Creativity and innovation are central to economic success not just for companies but also for countries. In the tech world, the words "innovation" and "creativity" are thrown around like line items on a budget sheet.

To further its commitment to employee talent development, a large professional services firm needed to transform its Learning and Development (L&D) function. Building a high-performance workforce is essential to achieving success and long-term sustainability in business. Otex Employee development programs and job enrichment strategies can go a long way towards developing highly productive employees to focus on customer satisfaction.

Helping clients set and achieve goals is an essential component of Otex Technology Limited. Being able to make progress towards personally meaningful goals is one of the key motivations for clients. Otex is for taking steps to manage their requirements more effectively.

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