Digital Thinking

Digital Sparks Ideas

The digital imperative penetrates every pocket of business, across every industry. Each change, whether it demands engaging customers, developing insight, or achieving scale and integration, starts with new ideas.Read to be inspired by the best practices, new technologies and latest approaches that are being employed by leading businesses inside and outside your sector.

Your Digital Future With The Cloud

Everyday Bank

When customers switch their retail banking providers, banks risk losing up to one-third of their revenues

What can banks to do meet this challenge?

Evolving to an ecosystem-centric Everyday Bank can transform the customer experience, resulting in happier customers and increased revenue

Achieving The Promise

Organizations are turning to the cloud first for core business functions. They seek breakthrough results as applications become increasingly powerful and the security and scalability of the cloud more reliable.Broader SaaS adoption requires organizational and operational change to manage applications effectively. It also demands a new approach to ongoing application management to deliver the business promise of SaaS.

Otex Mobility

We offer a broad range of proven end-to-end capabilities and solutions across mobility strategy, mobile application development, testing.

Our end-to-end Mobility capabilities include

Mobility Strategy & Consulting Services

How should your organization structure and implement its strategy? What’s the most effective way to unlock value? Our proven best practices cover all aspects of defining and executing a comprehensive mobile strategy.We work with you to tailor enterprise architectures and application strategies, evaluate and establish Mobility Centers of Excellence, and plan security and infrastructure strategies.

Drawing on our deep knowledge of mobility and industry best practices and prior experience, we help you to:
  • Develop mobility strategies
  • Create mobility business and technology plans
  • Design mobility solutions
  • Drive enterprise and customer value
  • Mobile Applications

    Our mobile applications offering span both the customer and enterprise functions to deliver application development that differentiates our clients in the market and enhances productivity. We provide multi-platform capabilities (iOS, Android, Microsoft) for development, industrialized and reusable processes, assets and tools. Our shared service approach provides our clients with leading practices in application development at lower cost. Our Digital app solutions and services include Sales Force Enablement, Field Force Transformation, Mobile Learning and Collaboration and Enterprise Mobility.