Digital Technologies

What is Digital Technology?

It means connecting that technology with the right data science, devices, design and business strategy.It means putting a customer, device, organization or business process at the center of real change in how businesses do things and how customers experience them. In how we engage, invent, build and buy everything.It means creating value by uniting the physical world—seamlessly, efficiently, meaningfully to the virtual one we’re building.

Harness digital tools, build digital infrastructure

Digital is the latest fundamental shift in technology and it may be the greatest. This vast range of new technologies has the power to change how we do just about everything. SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) technologies have been joined by advances in automation and sensors, 3-D printing, robotics, wearables and technology that may still be fringe today but won’t be tomorrow, like augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence.That’s why technology teams in every enterprise have a more meaningful role to play than ever. You can help your business become digital by developing a strategy and vision, reinventing a single essential process or experience, or building the foundational technologies that make rich and relevant digital experiences possible.Wherever you and your organization are in the digital journey, you can partner with a Otex team that can help.